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Accommodation, food, and information for every corner of mountain Olympus.

Our goal is to meet our visitors' needs as good as possible and for as long as possible throughout the year.

Therefore, apart from the typical summer period, which, depending upon the conditions prevailing, lasts from mid - June to mid - October, the refuge's operation extends till winter, following agreement with the managers.

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The refuge has a dining area- the only place in the refuge where food is allowed- a lounge with a fireplace, an enclosed balcony with sofas and tables on the upper floor, 5 bedrooms and a toilet of course.

The refuge has 66 beds, of which two, are for children. There are three rooms with 16 beds, one with 10 beds, including the 2 children's beds, and one with 8 beds. Each bed is equipped with two blankets and a pillow.

Hosting capacity is approximately for 90 people, including the remaining spaces. In case of occupancy, if your reservation is for an area outside the rooms, it is recommended to bring along a lightweight sleeping bag.

The electricity of the refuge is carried out of photovoltaic panels with batteries, so as to cover adequately the refuge's energy needs.

If you do not wish to look out for signal in the surrounding slopes and peaks, there is possibility of using the fixed telephone with a prepaid card that you can purchase from the refuge.

Refuge's water comes from melted snow, is stored in tanks and it is not drinkable. You can purchase bottled water from the refuge's kitchen.

The kitchen is open from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm, is fully organised, offering food, beverages, snacks, refreshments and drinks, always supporting local producers for their quality products.

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